Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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This week we are starting to learn about fire safety through the Fire Wise programme which is delivered in conjunction with the NZ Fire Service. 

The children will learn and practise what to do if there is a fire in a building or room they are in.

For more information you can visit: www.getfirewise.org.nz

Room 4 will have a visit from the Woolston Fire Service next week.
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We will have a quick trip to return and issue books on Wednesday.

We farewell Christine on Friday with our shared afternoon tea.

There might be some Fire Wise homework to do at home!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Have a fantastic Easter Break Everyone.
See you on Wednesday!

Room 4 had a visit from Easter Bunny yesterday.

We wrote a letter and guess what...
He paid us a visit!
Shayla with the left over carrot Easter Bunny didn't eat.

Look at the mess he made!
These are our Easter baskets and Easter Bunny's letter.

Lydia having a look at the mess he left.
Easter Bunny left carrot all over the floor - thanks Zade for tidying it up before Clive saw it. 
What a messy eater Easter Bunny is!

He wrote back to us and he did find some spare eggs.

He left two eggs for Rach at lunchtime!
Some Room 4 children even saw him in the playground.
While we were at Te Reo Maori and Rach was in a meeting he came back again and left eggs for all the children in Room 4. He put them in the baskets that we had made!

We are soooo lucky!

The Star of the Week was Eve B!
She is going to carry on next week too as it's a short week.
Thanks for all your help this week Eve.
You are a true Opawa Voyager and always try your best with everything. You are really good at helping others too.

Gymnastics with Christine
We have been learning to use the jungle gym, roly poly safely, bunny hop and cartwheel safely. We always warm up before we do our gymnastics.

Everyone helping to put the equipment away!

Next week is Christine's last week.
Room 4 will have a shared afternoon tea on Friday to say Thank You and Farewell.
Could everyone bring a small healthy something to share?
The focus for the afternoon tea is small and healthy. 

This week our shared book for reading was
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
We had to hunt for punctuation in the story.

The letter of the week will be...

We will carry on with our Easter activities!

Who will find some interesting E items to share?

As we only have a 3 day week we will open 'News' up to the whole class this week. Don't forget you can email photos and pictures to Rach and you can present from the big screen.

We are becoming experts at presenting our news and using 'thick' questions to find out more about each other's news.

Have a super long weekend.
See you all on Wednesday.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


We will swim on Monday as the weather is warm!

Please bring your togs in the morning.

What a hot Sunday.

The Star of the Week was:

Thank you for being such a Room 4 Star.
Vadim always shows repect to others, equipment and resources. He looks after our classroom and always does the right thing!

What an awesome Room 4 Rocker.

The letter of the week is...

Who can find some interesting G items to share?
Remember you can share anything you like for your 'News'.

Have a look at the things people shared last week.
James sharing his dérailleur.

The dérailleur up close. Thanks James, you did an awesome of your news. You knew so much about it too and lots of people asked questions!

Shantaliya sharing her diamond jewel.

Lydia presenting her news.
Thanks for using a clear voice Lydia!

Lucy sharing more about diamonds.
This was very well presented Lucy!

Evelyn presenting her news.

Carlisle knows so much about cars and motorbikes.
You always share with such passion and knowledge.

So many questions!

Whats on this week in Room 4


Our Room 4 programme will run as normal with Easter craft, activities and art integrated for the next 2 weeks!

Normal Room 4 Programme
Junior Singing
Normal Room 4 Programme
Normal Room 4 Programme
Normal Room 4 Programme
Te Reo Maori
No School - Good Friday

Remember we come back to school on
Wednesday 30th March as it's Easter weekend!

Christine has been teaching us about being a good friend and what makes a good friend though Scarface Claw, the toughest Tom in town!

Scarface sent us some mail last week to say, "Thank You" to all the stunning students in Room 4 for all the suggestions they had for him about ways to be a good friend.

We are working on Picasso style Scarface Claw art pieces this week.

We hope to have these completed by the end of the week. Come in and have a look!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

PS Christine leaves us on Friday 1st April.
We will have a shared afternoon tea on Friday 1st April to say farewell and thanks to her.