Saturday, February 18, 2017

Term 1 Week 4

The 'Letter of the Week' is...

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What interesting things can you find that begin with the letter O to share this week?

Drink Bottles
We are really lucky and have been given free Sistema drink bottles for all students and staff at our school. 

These are to make sure all students can...
Think to Drink & Drink to Think

  • These water bottles need to stay in Room 4.
  • Everyone is welcome to have an 'outside' water bottle too.
  • We will name them and get them organised for Room 4 on Monday/Tuesday.

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What's On This Week

Room 4 Programme
Junior Assembly

Room 4 Programme

Room 4 Programme

Room 4 Programme
Te Reo Maori

Room 4 Programme
Buddy Reading

Pack a spoon if you need one to eat your snacks or lunch with.
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Bring your reading folder every day.
Image result for warwick reading folder

Bring your hat each day (if you take it home).
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Snacks and Lunches
First Snack - 10:00-10:15. 
This is a big snack! Sometimes poeple are really hungry and need half a sandwich as well as fruit and some protein.
Second Snack - 11:30. 
This is a very quick, small snack and is one small thing to keep us going. A piece of fruit, cheese and crackers, dried fruit and nuts, carrot sticks... 
Lunch - 1:30. Everyone is hungry!
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Remember to pack:

  • Your Poetry book and browsing book
  • Your swimming gear
  • Your smile
  • Anything for the Letter of the Week table.

Look on our board to see who the Star of the Week is!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
See you tomorrow.
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Image result for cute cartoon owl pictures

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

Orderings Garden Show

We are busy planting seeds, painting the backdrop and preparing for the garden show. Check out the dates and pop in to have a look!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Fabulous & Fantastic First Week!

We have a super class!
Everyone has settled in to Year 1 and Room 4.
Well done everyone!

Star of the Week
Each week I look for a person in Room 4 who..
* Demonstrates our school values. 
* Has top notch listening skills.
* Has a positive 'Can Do' attitude.
* Shows they can be a Year 1 leader.

The Room 4 Star of the Week for Week 3 is...
Khloe has learnt the Room 4 routines, gives fantastic listening messages
and has a postiive attitude to learning.
Check out the 'Star of the Week' space on our whiteboard to learn more about Khloe.

This week we started learning about presenting news. 
We have also started learning about asking a question to gather more information.
Lots of Room 4 learners have been asking fantastic questions this week.
Questions often start with:
Can it...?
Does it...?

We try to fit 'News' in each day. Sometimes we are very busy and don't have time.
Don't worry because we can do it the next day!

Room 4 in Action
Have a look at some of the things we did this week in Room 4...
Working hard and getting used to being back at school!

Striving for Quality Work!

Exploring the neat things in Room 4 and working with our friends.

Using our fine motor skills when we work with the Playdough.

Making cups of tea!

Watering the seeds we planted during Discovery for the Odersings Garden Show.
The theme is 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Painting the rainbow for our garden show.

We learnt to line up - Year 1 style!

Working with our friends.

Fixing a broken tyre on the bike.

Remembering how to glue.

Working hard.
Zaide is a very careful worker and works hard on making sure he presents Quality Work.

Sharing news!
An Ironman mask.

Showing Rach what we can do!

Fantastic balancing - very clever!

Super swinging.

Whats On - Week 3

The Letter of the Week is...

Image result for letter cImage result for letter cImage result for smiling caterpillar


  • Rach on a course - Marcushla teaching in R4
  • Swimming
  • R4 class programme

  • R4 class programme
  • Swimming
  • R4 class programme
  • R4 class programme
  • Te Reo Maori
  • Library
  • Poetry
  • Whole school assembly
  • Discovery
  • R4 class programme
Remember to bring your THINKING brain to school!
Image result for kids thinking cap

Remember to take your nail polish off before you come to school this week.
Image result for kids nail polish designs

Super Snacks
Thanks to all the mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and family members who make such yummy and healthy lunches for our Room 4 children.
Image result for healthy snacks for school

The children are usually very hungry at 10:00 and many have asked to get 'one little thing' from their lunch box this week! 
The morning snack needs to be quite big. 
The second snack is just a quick one to keep everyone going.

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Room 4 Rockers
What a cool bunch we are!

Have a fun day with Marcushla.
See you on Tuesday. 
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