Monday, November 20, 2017


We start swimming tomorrow. Everyone needs their togs and towel on Wednesdays and Thursdays!!! 🐳😃

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Week 6 Info

This week the letter of the week is:
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I wonder what interesting things we will have for sharing this week?
Remember to leave your toys at home please.

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SWIMMING - This week we will swim on Thursday this week. I will let you know our other swimming day once we have the timetable finalised. Be ready to swim twice a week!

  • Be ready with all your clothing and swimming gear named.
  • It is a good idea not to wear leggings, tights and thermals on your swimming days because they can be a bit tricky when you get changed.
  • Remember to wear shoes that are easy for you to take off and put on too. We have lots of people who can help with shoelaces now!

LEARNING CONFERENCES - next week 27/28/29 November 2017

Learning Conferences are next week. Don't forget to book online.
School closes at 2pm on Tuesday 28th November and Wednesday 29th November.

See you all tomorrow.
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